"A Game of Love and Death" is the eighth episode of LPS: Spring Break. It was published to YouTube on May 28, 2018.


Selena's plans get ruined when Justin takes her on a romantic getaway to see her favorite band, The Freaxx. How will she fix it? Watch to find out in this thrilling adventure.

Plot Summary

Selena tells Tristan that Justin isn't of any use to her anymore, and because he is her slave, she needs him to kill Justin. Tristan reluctantly agrees.

At school, Justin tells Selena about the date he planned for them to go on. They are going to drive to Charlottesville on Friday, get a hotel room, and see the concert on Saturday.

In a classroom, the teacher Mr. Gergon and a student named Kevin are arguing. Tristan gets a text from Selena asking him to meet her in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Selena tells Tristan that her plans to kill Justin were ruined because of the trip he planned for them. Tristan tells her that the trip is the perfect opportunity to kill him, since it won't be as suspicious. They plan to kill him in the hotel room.

Selena puts Tristan in the bag she originally kidnapped him in. While packing, Selena's mom Janice comes in to her room and asks about the huge container she'd been keeping Tristan in. Selena tells her that it's her slave chamber and that she wouldn't understand. Selena goes outside and she and Justin drive off.

Selena and Justin go to the Hotel Deluxe. Justin rents a room with two doubles. They go to the room and recap the plan before leaving to go eat. Before Selena leaves, she lets Tristan out of her bag. She tells him not to mess with anything while she's gone and to hide under the bed until Justin falls asleep. Tristan watches TV.

Justin and Selena eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant called El Baño. When they get back, Selena is disappointed to find that her weed is spilled all over the floor. She and Justin watch LPS Popular on the TV while Justin tells Selena about how much he loves her. While he is distracted, Tristan shoots him and kills him.

Tristan and Selena sneak past the receptionist with Justin's body. They go to Beaver Creek Lake and dump his body in there.

The next day at the concert, Tristan goes on the stage and makes a speech, asking Selena to be his girlfriend. She accepts, but doesn't agree to his terms that he can be her only boyfriend.


  • This episode reveals that the series is set in Virginia.
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