"Tyler's Cool Winter Pool Party" is the seventh episode of LPS: Spring Break. It was published to YouTube on Apr 29, 2018.


Things are heating up for Selena and the gang. The weather outside may be cold, but the fire of love always burns. What will Selena discover when she crashes Tyler's birthday party? Watch to find out...

Plot Summary

Selena wakes up. In the school hallway, students talk about a party, so she asks Justin about it. Justin tells her that it's Tyler's birthday party and it's happening the next day at his indoor pool. He says that he got an invitation in his locker. Selena didn't get one, so she goes to Tyler to get one. Tyler tells her that the party is actually a business dinner, but Selena doesn't believe him. She goes back to Justin and asks if she can go as his date, and he agrees.

Before the party, Tristan tells Selena that he knows a lot about pool parties and helps her pick an outfit for the party.

At the party, Cynthia is there, still in her casts. Tyler takes Justin aside and questions why he brought Selena here. The conversation is interrupted when Melaney screams. Tyler rushes over to see Selena arguing with Kyle. Tyler breaks them up, but Melaney is crying and she and Kyle leave. Tyler warns Justin that if Selena causes any more problems, he'll ask them both to leave.

Justin jumps in the pool. Cynthia approaches Selena and tells her that she'll never fit in with the "cool crowd". This enrages Selena and she pushes Cynthia into the pool. M'kenzyie and Lillian get Cynthia out of the pool, but she is outraged. Tyler tells Selena to get out. Selena doesn't want to leave, but she finally does after Tyler threatens to call the cops.

Tyler ends the party and everyone reluctantly leaves. Outside, Justin is distracted by a waffle truck and Selena complains about how Justin isn't of any use to her anymore.


  • This episode has better video quality than usual because we used a better camera.
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