"The Double Doozy" is the fourth episode of LPS: Spring Break. It was published to YouTube on Dec 10, 2017.


As Selena and Cynthia both recover from the incident, a sudden new arrival is thrown into the mix and everything changes...

Plot Summary

Cynthia wakes up in the hospital with two broken legs. Her mom comes in to check on her, but Cynthia just cries.

Janice comes in to Selena's room telling her to get up for school. At school, Cynthia is getting a lot of attention because of her injuries. Selena tries to get some of the attention, but fails. Justin runs into her and she calls him a creep.

Selena tries to leave the school, but a teacher catches her. She tells him that her aunt broke her spatula, so she needs to go home. The teacher believes her and lets her go. At home, Selena comes up with a plan to upstage Cynthia.

The next morning, Selena gets up and finds that her mom overslept, making her late for school. Selena shows up to school with a cast on her leg and gets attention for it. However, she is upstaged when Emma Tomsen comes in and says that she transferred to their school. Selena is angry about Emma taking over, and Justin backs her up.

At lunch, Selena notices a student sitting by himself in the corner and asks who it is. Gretchen tells her that it's Bread Boy, and that he sits by himself because he's highly contagious. Selena barges into the popular kids table and tries to talk to them, but Tyler just asks her to leave them alone. Selena says she hates them anyway and leaves.

Selena is in a science class taught by Father Richard. They have a pop quiz, and Selena doesn't know the answer to the question. This makes Father Richard angry and he goes on a rant as Selena plans what she will do next to defeat Cynthia.

After school, Selena sees Tyler and Emma sitting on a bench. She goes to talk to Tyler after Emma leaves. Selena tells Tyler that Emma was cheating on him with Bread Boy, but he doesn't believe her. Selena asks him on a date, but he leaves without answering.


  • In the scene with the classroom, you can see Justin's mom Trisha sitting at one of the desks. This is a mistake because she is not a student at the school. At the time, that figure wasn't planned to be used for her, which is why it's in the classroom.
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