"The Opportunity of a Lifetime" is the first episode and pilot episode of LPS: Spring Break. It was published on YouTube on Aug 26, 2017.


It’s an ordinary day for homeschooled Selena Maybelle, until she receives the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to go to the all-exclusive South Thompson high school. Selena quickly makes new friends, but things aren’t all they seem…

Plot Summary

Selena wakes up and we see a flashback of her family eating dinner the night before. Selena's mom Janice has her go get the mail. Janice explains that she entered Selena in a lottery to attend a private school, South Thompson High School, and that she got in. Selena says that she doesn't want to go to high school and wants to stay homeschooled. She storms away to her room angrily, then goes to her room and cries. In the present, Janice comes and tells Selena that it's time to go to school. Selena still doesn't want to go, but she sighs and gets up.

At school, Selena is approached by Matthias, who tells her to go to the principal's office and leads her there. Selena meets the principal Mr. Ortiz and gets her locker number and schedule. Matthias asks Selena what class she has first, and she says she has economics.

Later that day, students gossip about Selena when she's at her locker. Selena meets Matthias's sister Melaney and goes to eat lunch at her table. In the cafeteria, Selena runs into Cynthia and cries on the floor. Selena sits at an empty table and meets Gretchen and Lauren. Selena's sister Marina appears. Selena goes to Melaney's table and meets Stephaneigh, Sheila, Amy, and Tristan. Stephaneigh tells Selena about Tyler, AKA Hot Boy. Melaney says that every girl in school is in love with him, and Stephaneigh says that he's dating Emma Tomsen from a rival school called Sterling Tech.

Melaney introduces Selena to her boyfriend Kyle.

Selena goes home. She goes to bed and Melaney calls her on the home phone. Melaney tells Selena that Cynthia is the most popular girl in school and to stay out of her way.

At Cynthia's house, Cynthia can't find her purple hairbrush. Her friends Mackenzie and Lillian show up. They tell Cynthia that Selena is trying to take her place as most popular girl in school.


  • It has a noticeably low production quality compared to the show's later episodes.
  • The video's description says that the voices were done by sakurawolf's friend Taya, while they are usually done by Xx soul sorrow xX.
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